I can help you discover, maybe for the first time, how you handle transitions in your life that occur and this will help you determine how you want to live your life after divorce.  Maybe you feel "stuck" or "frozen" like you just can't move forward in your life, or you feel that you are about to divorce and you don't know how you are going to be happy again.  If you have been going to therapy for years and you still don't feel as if you are getting anywhere, give coaching a try!

Call me today at 201-753-8485 or email me at mylifechangecoach@gmail.com. 


I don't charge you to "tell your story", the real work begins when we figure out how to end your story, so you can stay out of your past and step into your future! 

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I have to thank Michele for her compassion, kindness, support, availability and encouragement.  Without her cheerleading and guidance, I wouldn’t be ready to fly.  There was never judgment from her—there was only validation in a safe place to cry, vent, and listen and learn.  The wisdom and tools that Michele shared with me will continue to guide me in my lifetime.  I am on my way into becoming the better, happier, healthier woman with boundaries that I once was and will become again! Thanks Michele! 

--Nancy, Monmouth County, NJ  3/8/18




Hiring me as your coach gives you the benefit of having two services for the price of one. I not only have coaching experience, I am also a Professional Divorce Mediator. I received my training from the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators (NJAPM). As an even added bonus, I am also a certified Paralegal from the American Bar Association. I have decades of experience in the legal field. I am also divorced and have represented myself in at least a dozen post-judgment enforcement applications and have been "successful" in most of them (not that anyone ever really "wins"). I can coach you BEFORE you contact an attorney and we can come up with a "game plan" ahead of time so you don't waste countless hours telling "your story" and racking up your legal bills. Sometimes you just need to vent and that's OK! But what happens is you turn your appointment with your attorney into a therapy session and you waste time and money talking to your attorney about non-legal issues when you could be talking to a Coach, like myself, who costs less per hour and can help you come up with a strategy that maximizes the time you spend with your attorney so that it is more productive.  I can help you navigate the legal process as a Paralegal with knowledge of the Court system and because I've gone through the process personally and I understand how it works and can explain it to you! I can't offer you advice or promise you an outcome. What I can do is help you reign in your emotions and maximize rational thought so that you enter your appointment with your attorney --  ready to tackle the issues and come up with solutions.  In-office appointments are $100.00 for a one hour session. Attendance at Mediation sessions are $200.00 for a one hour session.

Call me today to discuss a plan that works for you! 201-753-8485 or if your prefer, Email mylifechangecoach@gmail.com.