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Fees for Services

My services are unique. There are not many people or organizations out there offering what I can provide. My services are not to be confused with counseling or therapy; although I can help in that area as well.


When you hire a Transitions Coach, it is much like hiring any other professional that is specialized in his or her own field. What I do is custom-tailored to your unique situation. The time spent in appointments is also met with equal, if not more, time spent outside of appointments, that are not charged.

I troubleshoot difficult moments so they don't get out of control. I work with individuals and couples as a mentor, guide, friend and companion through this difficult time in their life, in real time.  And I don't always charge for that! 


You will see when you hire me that I go above and beyond for my clients. I am available 24/7 because that is what my clients need. Not a weekly appointment, but someone who can be there in real time when life happens to you, because that is how life happens to you :). 

Cost of Services For Concerned Parents and The Children of Divorce 


Individual Coaching:  $150.00 per hour

Couple Coaching:  $225.00 per hour 

Sad on Couch

Individual Coaching:  $150.00 per hour 

First Session is FREE

Reduced Fee Structures Available 

Playing on the Beach

Individual Coaching:  $150.00 per hour

Couple Coaching:  $225.00 per hour 



I get this question a lot, because let's face it, most of us need help and most of us can't afford the money it requires to become whole, and healthy and healed.  Many people are experiencing difficulty in finding a therapist that is available. 


The mental health crisis is growing and there are simply more people that need help than there are people who can help.  Also, therapy is not always covered by insurance and many therapists can only offer out-of-network benefits that may or may not be available under your health insurance plan.  Or simply, the fees are high even when insurance does cover some of the cost.  

The insurance industry has determined that Life Coaching is not medically necessary.  That may or may not be true.  What is true is that Life Coaching is still incredibly valuable to the person receiving the coaching.  Health insurance also doesn't cover weight loss programs, acupuncture, infertility, private nursing, travel vaccines, etc.  One can argue that just because these things aren't covered by insurance, it doesn't mean they aren't necessary or valuable to the person that needs them.  

We do a lot for ourselves that we don't get reimbursed for that are still worth investing in, like vacations, education and massages for example! All things that are necessary to the person experiencing them!

Hiring your own personal coach to help you through a difficult transition in your life is worth investing in you!  Don't be dissuaded from pursuing this avenue of healing for any reason. Explore your options and see if the value you receive in healing is worth the investment you make in yourself!  

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