By Michele Coppola Wilson         April 14, 2020 

To Everyone Experiencing the Pain of Separation and/or Divorce, 

As many of you are well aware, our groups at the Churches have been on hold for a while now because of this pandemic.  Boy do I wish we could meet in person! It has definitely been sobering to realize how important sitting face-to-face is when a person is troubled and needs support.  Texting doesn't do it, FaceTime helps, but something is missing there, and an online program whether streaming or interactive seems to also be somewhat lacking, not to mention the dangers it poses to confidentiality and anonymity.  

I know from doing this for many years is what people need most is to connect, to be able to look into someone's eyes or offer a gentle touch when they are suffering. I want to do that for you, all of you, so my hope is that these words "touch" you.    

So many people are suffering right now and it is easy to lose ourselves! We see that people are in a worse situation than us, and we feel we should not complain. Or we see that we are alone and others have people around them and we don't.  But somehow, we are ok.  How could that be?  Well, maybe it is because you have been here before, isolated that is.....Because let's face it, divorce and separation is isolating. And we know what that feels like! WE HAVE ALREADY BEEN ISOLATED way before this happened!!!!!

Maybe that means you are better adapted at being able to handle being alone now, where others are not. Maybe you have had a chance to let abandonment sink in and you were just getting used to it anyway.  Maybe this "invisible enemy" isn't affecting you as much as others, because you already felt like a leper! Divorce does that, people leave us as if they don't want to "catch it"; as if divorce is a disease that might be contagious. We knew these feelings long before others experienced them. It is because of this "preparation" that maybe, just maybe, you can handle this better because you already know what it means to be alone. You know you have had to draw on your inner strength, because you've been doing it for days on end, maybe several weeks, and maybe even months or years!

You are a warrior, you have isolation down!

But you are not alone! There are about 400 plus people that I am sending this message to.  Brothers and sisters, like you, who are divorced or separated in a pandemic.  Draw upon that silent strength.  You are understood, you are loved and you are not alone. 

Stay strong my friends, in faith, in love and in the comfort that when this is all over, you will emerge stronger than ever before.