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Welcome! I'm glad you're here!
If you have arrived here, chances are you need to make a life change. Your life, as you know it, is changing. It can be scary, but you need to realize that transitions that occur in your life can have positive results. Change isn't always bad!
Marriage issues affect all couples at one point or another. Maybe you are thinking about reconciliation, or separation, or divorce.  Working with me as your Transitions Coach can help you to make sound decisions today that will benefit you and your family -- regardless of the path you choose.  I can assure you that if you take this journey with me, and truly desire to accept this transition in your life, together we can figure out your next path to ensure that you and your spouse and most especially your children make it through this transition peacefully. 


Your Greatest Self

Whether you are contemplating reconciliation,

separation or divorce,

I can offer you compassionate support and help you to make

sound decisions in your life

at a time when it seems as if giving up is the only answer.




You can find yourself again
and transform what seems
like a storm in your life
into a peaceful transition towards a better life that is waiting for you.


“Michele is one of those few people you meet that can transform lives.  She heals people who are struggling and provides tools to develop lasting change.  She is truly heaven sent.”

-Matthew Abatemarco, Esquire

"Michele Coppola-Wilson is gifted with a compassionate heart. As a deeply spiritual person, Michele knows healing broken hearts leads to family peace and harmony for all. I have been blessed to witness Michele's ministry and pledge to support her as a fellow minister in Christ always".  

-Father Anthony J. Randazzo

“I felt like a deer in headlights, totally lost and devastated after making a decision to separate from my wife of 30 years. Michele looked into my eyes and I felt a connection with someone who was going to help me get through this........her loving heart shined through her eyes! I’m blessed to have met her".

-Sergio, Support Group Member

"Michele Wilson is the utmost professional.  She is organized, articulate and has a profound compassion for others which is evident in the work she does with people in need."

-Sheila Martello, Founder

     Stephy's Place Grief Center